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Ignite your business growth in a matter of weeks by partnering up with a business dynamo who’s committed to delivering results.

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Hi, I’m Marsha

I’m a storyteller, a business dynamo and magic manifestor. I help diversity certified companies source new business with ease. 

I help organizations and individuals to unearth core issues that are stopping them from reaching new heights and delivering effective solutions on-demand & on-time.

I support business leaders to stay working IN their business and focused on delivery while I work ON their business to grow their footprint in their specific industry. 

I’m willing to take the risks that you might not be willing to if that will make you go past your comfort zone and get you the results you want and need. Together we shatter upper limit beliefs and grow past previous benchmarks to bring you and your team to the next level because I never settle!

About me

Fractional business development
made easy

Are you looking to supercharge your sales efforts without the commitment of a full-time hire? Look no further!

Imagine having a dedicated business development expert who brings a wealth of strategic knowledge, industry insights, and a proven track record, all without the expense and overhead of a full-time executive.

As your fractional business developer I will work with you every step of the way to drive your sales to the roof. You don’t need to worry about hiring additional staff or outsourcing multiple projects to move the needle.

I will help your business to grow faster and more efficiently - giving you the access to top level business sales expertise without having to hire someone full-time.

Hire me as your strategic partner and I will help you take the burden off your sales success. You’ll be feeling like your sales process is on autopilot and you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Organizational level

Momentum Sales Driver

Coaching organizational alignment towards pinpointed activities that drive business sales to the roof.

  • Communication Training
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Sales Team Motivation
  • Sales Team Realignment

Individual sales level

Sales Team Whisperer

Helping your sales team become the A-Team. Individual and team level coaching to ensure accelerated growth.

  • Sales Team Training
  • Identifying Pitfalls
  • Client Stage Mapping
  • 1:1 Coaching

Client success stories inspiring results

Marsha is amazing! Her keen strategic insights paired with her exuberant and contagious energy really skyrocketed our business. I also feel that the flexible fractional model drives me to be more intentional in targeting very specific key areas that need a push to really drive sales numbers higher.
Sera Cullen
CEO at CTTX Health
Marsha is a next level Business Development asset that puts your entire department on STEROIDS. She and I were colleagues years ago and not only did she motivate me to start my business, now we are business partners! She has a fire and passion for business development from start to finish, for any industry and navigate requirements, relationships and red tape WITH EASE.
Nate Shanklin
Founder at Pure Heart Staffing

Give your sales a jumpstart

Forget mediocre results. I’m here to help you to get your business to the next level. Are you ready to reach your ambitious goals?

I drive diversity owned businesses to success

Diversity owned businesses have more opportunities to scale and increase their numbers thanks to a diversity business certification network in the United States.

I help diversity owned businesses to get certified with less hassle to maximize their potential to get new government contracts and deals with major corporations. With the certification you verify that you are credibly established and ready to work with large public and private entities. This opens up doors to many new avenues for added revenue.

Once we have your certification, I will help you to find the right type of clients, to partake in big bids and closing new strategic partnership. Let’s get started today!

What is a diversity owned business?

A business led by...

  • Any minority
  • Women
  • Veterans
  • LBGT
  • Disabled

A diversity owned business is a company where at last 51% is owned by minorities. These include minorities based on gender, socioeconomic status, cultural diversity or national origins.

It also means that the organization fosters a sense of belonging, inclusivity and openness in their hiring policies.